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The Concept

Whilst we would all like to cover as many vehicle applications as possible, the vast range of available blade sizes and adaptors makes it frustratingly difficult to do so. The EVOLUTION range overcomes this problem by delivering one simple concept:

  • 1 Display Stand.
  • 17 Blades.
  • 8 Adaptors.
  • More Than 5000 Vehicle Applications

This compact but comprehensive range requires wall space of just measures 0.67m x 1.38m (23 x 54) to offer the full range.

The EVOLUTION concept offers an array of benefits to motor factors, garages, mechanics and retailers:

  • Reduce Your Inventory Value.
  • Reduce Your Inventory Physical Size.
  • Increase Your Sales Potential & Profitability.

The EVOLUTION style of selling blades is also incredibly simple to use:

  • Identify The Blade & Connector That You Require Using The Part Finder.
  • Clip Your Connector To The Blade.
  • Fit The Blade To Your vehicle.

The Development

The EVOLUTION range was born from the idea that we would like to cover as many vehicle applications as possible. With so many different blade sizes and connector types now available, it is becoming more or less impossible for anyone other than the very large outlets to stock and display a complete range – and even those that do stock such a range have a very costly stock commitment.

This increasing problem gave birth to the concept of the EVOLUTION range, which significantly reduces the stock commitment required to maximise vehicle application coverage.

We were then faced with the dilemma that of avoiding the trap that many others fall into which is the possibility of creating a product that is the ‘jack of all trades but master of none’. With this point in mind, and a determined target of improving design and performance, we spent over a year further developing the intelligent design, impeccable quality and supreme performance that were the final results of such determined efforts.

And after such hard work with our product, it would have been a shame to let it down with ‘run of the mill’ display packaging, so we again re-doubled our efforts and produced possibly the most stylish wiper blade packaging available.

The Design

The EVOLUTION blade has been exclusively designed to achieve the very best performance standard. The centralised smooth spoiler increases performance by reducing wind lift, and maximises applications by allowing fitment to both left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles, as well as to vehicles with ‘clapping’ blades.

The jointless design of EVOLUTION blades allows for maximum screen contact. The tensioned steel insert provides consistent pressure along the whole length of the blade for even, streak-free wiping.

EVOLUTION blades are manufactured using a composite rubber (75% natural rubber mixed with 25% synthetic rubber), and have a specially formulated smooth glide coating to deliver a clean wipe.

All Blades Are Manufactured To SAE J 903 C Standards and performance tested for: –

  • Wipe Quality (1 Million Wipes Up & Down)
  • Durability (1.5 Million Wipes Up & Down)
  • Elasticity (1.5 Million Wipes Up & Down)
  • Ozone Resistance
  • Vulcanization (Rubber Strength)
  • Tension (Metal Spline)
  • Ageing
  • Low Temperature Performance (-50°C)
  • Viscosity